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PET Thermoform Recycling

Recycling Opportunity


PET is a widely recycled plastic in the world. In North America alone 1.6 billion lbs of PET thermoforms are discarded every year with only about 10% being recovered. The amount of PET thermoforms available for recovery is a real opportunity and a big step on closed loop recycling. Recovered PET thermoformed containers can easily become another food container if we can make sure we revover them. 

Why Recycle Thermoforms?


01. Its a valuable stream that can reduce the use of virgin 


PET recycling technologies can take up to 100% postconsumer material to create new packaging.


02. Waste divertion


For every thermoform we recycle we reduce GHG gas emmisions and avoid landfills 


03. Unintended ocean bottom contamination


PET is denser than water so if by any chance they find their way into a river and / or ocean, they will sink making it practically imposible to recover


04. Reducing food waste


PET packaging has and will continue to reduce food waste by providing unique properties that keeps food in great conditions longer

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