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Recycling PET Thermoforms for a Circular World



Green Impact Plastics


PET Thermoform containers have a long history of using recycled resin from bottles as raw material feedstock. For many years these containers have been an important end market to grow and sustain the PET bottle recycling models around the world. As the bottling industry has shifted more into a circular economy path it has become imperative to figure out how to recover and recycle thermoform containers. Green Impact Plastics is focused in solely recycling postconsumer containers to set the path into a new future for thermoformed PET. Through a collaborative action with other stakeholders, Green Impact aims to recover a significant volume of discarded packaging.



Green Impact Plastics is looking for PET thermoform bales. We are looking for long term supply argreements to feed our growing demand. 

If you are a packaging manufacturer we can supply you with thermoform clean washed flake to join the ciruclarity path of thermoforms. 


We will also soon have IV enhanced pellet from our process byproducts and our unique LSP system. Zero Waste PCR. 

Food Grade Flake 


Our process takes in PostConsumer PET thermoform containers from residential and comercial recycling programs from several parts of North America to convert into food grade flake that is sold to be further processed into new containers at up to 100% content.  

Contact us if you have any questions or are interested in establishing a partnership.